Hi! I’m Lisa

I’m a lover of lowercase letters, books and chocolate. I’m a mother and music junkie, and I’ve healed from Lyme disease after 10 years, and 34 doctors in 2 countries.

In 2016, after 6 years of being mysteriously ill, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It took over 30 doctors in 2 countries to get that answer. Since then I’ve working tirelessly in the chronic illness world to spread the message that there is always hope to heal. I had already been working as a holistic health coach at that time, but now specialize in Lyme disease, dysautonomia, nervous system disorders and pediatric chronic illness cases.

Because of the path Lyme sent me down,

I currently hold five certifications and countless extra credentials. As a IHPL2, I’ve studied under and work alongside some of the biggest names out there. More recently, I’ve begun incorporating more mind-body techniques into my practice, such as Emotion Code, MBSR and the like because of the importance of emotional healing while physically recovering.

I have attended 1:1 training sessions with LLMDs, seminars and conferences to continue my education in the Lyme world. Functional medicine is what helped me recover from my dis-ease and I’m committed to continue to bring hope + healing to those in this world. Because of all of this training and education, I’m qualified not only to guide you on your healing journey, but to recommend and interpret certain functional medicine labs that will help you along the way. Together, you and I will create a customized but executable plan back to vibrant life. This plan will be based on your goals, your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and abilities. No blanket protocols here!

“I have been playing stump the doctor for 10 years and my struggles are what led me to be a health coach myself. But as a health coach, it can be hard to give in and admit that I need help. I’m glad that when I did, I went to Lisa. 5 minutes into our conversation and looking at my symptoms, she was able to tell me what was going on in my body. She suggested that I get blood tests to back up her assessment and they came back spot on. I can’t believe that I finally have hope and direction after all this time. I can’t recommend her enough!”

“I finally decided to book a free consult with Lisa- she seemed like she really wanted to help and as I’m just getting diagnosed with Lyme I need all the help I can get! Lisa was so professional and knowledgeable! Lisa thoroughly read my history I sent her prior to the call and remembered details during our conversation. Lisa was empathetic, positive and helpful. She offered suggestions for some therapies/ideas I had considered, some I had heard of, and one or two were for ideas I was unaware of all together! In the sea of information online on how to treat Lyme and chronic illness, I felt like Lisa gave me solid direction on how to move forward towards health.”

Are you a doctor?
I’d love to join your team!