Fatigue – Why + How to Break It

<p>Lisa Cipkar</p>

Lisa Cipkar

January 27, 2021


Glorious, crushing fatigue. The kind where your eyes burn around the clock, you feel like you’re floating away, and your legs are too heavy to lift to take the next step. I remember this feeling well. To decode fatigue and why you are experiencing it, it’s important to cover the pillars of chronic illness. I go over all of this in depth and tailored to you in my program, 6 Weeks to Stability, but use this guide to narrow in on your trouble spots.

1. Are you draining, binding and detoxing? — This is an area that people think they can avoid. If you have been a client of mine, you know I address this in our very first session together. It is too important to ignore! We take in toxins every day through our air, skin and mouth. But what about the toxins produced from fermenting food in our gut? The ammonia levels in our brains? The imbalanced hormones whose levels sky rocket? All of this HAS to come out. If you don’t have a regular draining, binding and detoxing practice that address all THREE main areas of the body (blood, lymph, gut/brain) then don’t bother to read further. (Tough love. As your coach, I won’t apologize for telling you the truth.)

Our body gets weighed down from exerting energy swirling those toxins around from place to place inside of us– how else can you expect it to have energy to do things like digest your food, sleep well or tolerate exercise? You can’t.

2. What is the air quality around you like? — Check your oxygen levels. Are you breathing properly, from your belly and diaphragm? Treating your asthma and allergies with natural options as they occur? Staying clear of dust, mold and other microbials?

What about internally? Is your brain getting enough oxygen? Are you producing mycotoxins inside? If you don’t know, talk with your chronic illness doctor right away, or email me!

3. What are you eating? — Listen, I love you, but give up the gluten, dairy and sugar. Please. If you want the ability to live a little more normally, to have a better quality of life, you need to feed your body what it needs, not what you want. There is time for that later. Digestion takes up an enormous amount of energy, especially if it’s processed food you are ingesting. Alleviate that stress (and therefore inflammation creation!) by going back to the basics: no sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten. No eating the things you know you are intolerant of but want anyway. No excuses.

4. Are you moving your lymph? As your cleansing system, the lymph needs a pump to work properly- much like your circulatory system relies on your heart. While I’m sure exercise doesn’t sounds like fun right now being exhausted, this is an area where you need to lean in, commit to the short amount of time and just do it. Pump that lymph around by moving your limbs and allow those lymph nodes to filter the fluid as it moves through. This allows the garbage to be swept out of the lymph itself and alleviates your immune system to focus on where it needs to—thus producing energy!

What ways do you move your body throughout the day?

5. How are you sleeping, friend? Overnight, the major organs go into detoxification mode, dumping their daily accumulation into the highways of the body to be carried out as waste. Quality sleep is usually hampered by blood sugar or toxicity issues. I won’t go into more detail here, but fatigue is usually a direct link to our quality of sleep. Hack this problem by making sure you are eating tons of quality protein and fats, binding before bed to ease your body’s burden, and drinking lots of clean water during the daylight hours.


Anything you do, say (yes!), or eat has the ability to create inflammation within you. If fatigue is ruining your days, start analyzing your inflammation levels with the help of a qualified health coach or provider and take the steps needed to bring those down. You should experience an energy surge within a few days if you are doing it right.

Still exhausted? Book a thirty minute consult and we’ll get you straightened out!

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