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Abundant Life + Wellness is a integrative health practice with two practitioners, Lisa Cipkar and Kelli Bowman. We offer comprehensive coaching packages as well as a consult model and encourage you to choose the support system that fits your needs best. Kelli excels in nutrition, whole family health, movement, chronic illness support and mindset while Lisa focuses on chronic illness support and the mind body connection. We’re passionate about helping our clients move forward. To inquire about our current openings and offerings, please email for more details.


Let’s get you recovered.

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“There is no greater priority than you and your family’s health. I know this because I, too, live this daily. As a wife and mom of three my constant priority is making sure that I am at my best for my family and that the choices I’m making are bettering their health in the long run.

It sounds simple but if you have ever hit a roadblock in any way, you know how difficult it can be to get back on course. I have had 2 of my kids who from a young age had special needs and with the right testing, diet, home, and lifestyle swaps both of them have blown away any and all expectations for their future. Both thriving, independent, and confident in their own abilities, and just overall very happy human beings makes me smile from ear to ear daily.

This came with years of learning, tweaking, failing, getting back up, restarting, and slowly taking steps forward each day. The biggest difference in my kids journey is I had Lisa, who was such an amazing guide for me and my kids. It’s because of her that I began to see how amazing the body is and how if it can once get sick and can also begin to heal.

She has inspired me to grow my own skills, go back to school, and now join her clinic so that I can come alongside and do the same for you and your family. This deep passion doesn’t come from feeling like I know it all but it comes from knowing that I have walked in similar shoes, have been given hope and seen the impact of small shifts.

My goal is to be the same guide for you. Listening, guiding, uncovering, and showering you and your family with hope. I look forward to partnering with you and helping you and your family in any and all areas you might find you need support in.”

– Kelli

I currently hold nine certifications and countless extra credentials pertaining to brain health, blood chemistry, healing from chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, mold illness and more. Over the past eight years, I’ve worked alongside some of the biggest names in the field and pour everything I’ve learned into each of my clients. I have a special eye for finding the missing pieces to your case and coming up with a plan that works for you. As a board certified holistic health practitioner and an integrative health practitioner, I’m trained and qualified to capture an accurate health history, order and interpret your functional medicine labs, and make recommendations and construct protocols into a smooth, comprehensive process based on your unique body, goals, preferences, lifestyle, and abilities. We are happy to work alongside your doctor’s plan for you and offer supportive insight as well.

Let’s get you feeling better- for good!

– Lisa

6 Month 1:1 Package


6 months coverage

Includes 120 minutes of appointment time per month, split however you’d like to fit your schedule and accountability needs

Email support between sessions

Up to 20% off the supplements I may recommend for your case

“The 6 Weeks to Stability program was exactly what I needed to turn things around. I came to Lisa with a pretty extensive protocol put together by a functional medical doctor and also a naturopath. Even though I was working with some great people, I continued to deteriorate. I collected a new weird symptom every week. Everything I tried to do on my own caused me to herx and I also wasn’t sleeping. I did a lot of research but the many expert opinions left me very overwhelmed. At first I was nervous about spending the money. I felt like I had spent so much already. However, I can clearly see this program saves a lot of money in the long run. Lisa cuts through all of the confusion, meets you right where you are, and helps you lay a rock solid foundation for your healing. In the short amount of time that has passed, I am sleeping better, my constant headaches are gone, my brain fog is lifting, and my energy is improving. “

“I had my first consultation with Lisa this week and have to say I am so very impressed! To begin with, Lisa is so easy to talk to, kind and compassionate and makes you feel comfortable sharing your life and health with her. She is such a great source of valuable information on many aspects of chronic disease. I discussed Lyme and gastrointestinal issues with her and came away with several pages of information related to my issues, ideas to implement, herbals to try and other things to consider. It is so helpful that she has been through so much of what I am going through. I also like that she incorporates all parts of our being…mind, body and soul. At the end of the call I felt empowered to go into my next Lyme doctor appt. and discuss possible additions to my treatment and ask for what I felt my body needs at this time. I am realizing that I need to take control of all aspects of my healing if I want to see progress and I am lucky to have Lisa as a valuable resource to help with my healing journey. I would highly recommend her no matter what health and life issues you are facing. It can feel scary to reach out for help, but you will be glad you did it!”

Expect to learn. Expect to grow. Expect to heal.
Recovery IS possible.