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If you’d like to work with me clinically you are welcome to come to me through either through my private practice or the chronic illness and detox speciality clinic I am established in! The benefits of that include another trained practitioner looking over your case and consulting in it. If you’d like me to consider taking your case privately, please find those details below.

Two Purple Carrots is a chronic illness and detox specialty clinic. Lauren is a fantastic nurse practitioner working with clients all over the world who are living with a chronic diagnosis. Find out more about our unique subscription services model and session options here.

Let’s get you recovered.

4 Month 1:1 Package


4 months coverage

Includes 120 minutes of appointment time per month, split however you’d like to fit your schedule and accountability needs

Email support between sessions
(Monday – Friday)

6 Month 1:1 Package


6 months coverage

Includes 120 minutes of appointment time per month, split however you’d like to fit your schedule and accountability needs

Email support between sessions

Up to 20% off the supplements I may recommend for your case

Book a coaching package here:

Mind, Body, & Spirit Release (MBSR) Sessions

MBSR is an exciting new certification I have acquired that allows me to help you get to the bottom of what’s making you ill. Because things like emotional blocks, trauma, limiting beliefs, and mental battles are what open the door to chronic symptoms and pain, it can be extremely beneficial to address the causes from an emotional and energetic standpoint. Some may even experience a decrease in physical symptoms while on the call! I believe that this emotional work is crucial to the healing of any illness and cannot wait to create new breakthroughs with you!

MBSR can go as deep as you’d like, but in my experience it’s best to schedule sessions every 2 weeks. This will allow what we discuss to integrate and settle before readdressing in another session.

Living with Lyme- 6 Weeks to Stability


6 weeks coverage

This package includes everything you need to get unstuck. We’ll work together during six sessions to go over your health history, current needs and foundational roadblocks that are keeping you from getting better. This program has been vetted by the medical team I work with as “information we wish all our patients would had before coming to us.” It is guaranteed to save you time, energy and money on needless appointments that get you nowhere and leave you with more questions then answers! The 1:1 time with me ensures that we are addressing your bio individuality FIRST and lets us set in place concrete pillars that will keep you from ever getting this sick again.

At the end of this program, you’ll have a toolbox of both practical and easy to implement methods to manage your health at home, holistically. I’ll teach you the best stress management and communication skills you will need in order to talk to your doctors and overcome the emotional blocks of your diagnosis. You’ll wrap up feeling confident, positive and already healing. I don’t hold back in this program, you shouldn’t either! Dive in with me and find stability in 6 weeks!

“The 6 Weeks to Stability program was exactly what I needed to turn things around. I came to Lisa with a pretty extensive protocol put together by a functional medical doctor and also a naturopath. Even though I was working with some great people, I continued to deteriorate. I collected a new weird symptom every week. Everything I tried to do on my own caused me to herx and I also wasn’t sleeping. I did a lot of research but the many expert opinions left me very overwhelmed. At first I was nervous about spending the money. I felt like I had spent so much already. However, I can clearly see this program saves a lot of money in the long run. Lisa cuts through all of the confusion, meets you right where you are, and helps you lay a rock solid foundation for your healing. In the short amount of time that has passed, I am sleeping better, my constant headaches are gone, my brain fog is lifting, and my energy is improving. “

“I had my first consultation with Lisa this week and have to say I am so very impressed! To begin with, Lisa is so easy to talk to, kind and compassionate and makes you feel comfortable sharing your life and health with her. She is such a great source of valuable information on many aspects of chronic disease. I discussed Lyme and gastrointestinal issues with her and came away with several pages of information related to my issues, ideas to implement, herbals to try and other things to consider. It is so helpful that she has been through so much of what I am going through. I also like that she incorporates all parts of our being…mind, body and soul. At the end of the call I felt empowered to go into my next Lyme doctor appt. and discuss possible additions to my treatment and ask for what I felt my body needs at this time. I am realizing that I need to take control of all aspects of my healing if I want to see progress and I am lucky to have Lisa as a valuable resource to help with my healing journey. I would highly recommend her no matter what health and life issues you are facing. It can feel scary to reach out for help, but you will be glad you did it!”

Expect to learn. Expect to grow. Expect to heal.
Recovery IS possible.