Abundant Life + Wellness is an integrative health practice founded in 2015 on the principle that healing from chronic illness or symptoms is always possible. At of the start of 2023, I brought on Kelli, an integrative nutrition health coach, in the role of supportive practitioner in my practice. I’m thrilled to have her bringing her knowledge and expertise to the clinic! Together we are helping individuals and families in their healing journeys using a compassionate and comprehensive approach.

I currently hold nine certifications and countless extra credentials pertaining to brain health, blood chemistry, healing from chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, mold illness and more. Over the past eight years, I’ve worked alongside some of the biggest names in the field and pour everything I’ve learned into each of my clients. I have a special eye for finding the missing pieces to your case and coming up with a plan that works for you. As a board certified holistic health practitioner and an integrative health practitioner, I’m trained and qualified to capture an accurate health history, order and interpret your functional medicine labs, and make recommendations and construct protocols into a smooth, comprehensive process based on your unique body, goals, preferences, lifestyle, and abilities. We are happy to work alongside your doctor’s plan for you and offer supportive insight as well.

Let’s get you feeling better- for good!

“Lisa is committed to bringing hope, healing & vibrancy back into the lives of those suffering with Lyme disease and other related illnesses. Whether you are newly diagnosed, lost in the overwhelm, or ready to get back into the real world after treatment, you are in the right place.”

Precision medicine has proven to be the most successful strategy used in a complete recovery from a chronic illness. True health is wealth. It is more than what is on your plate- it is what is in your head, heart, soul AND body. Bio-individuality, a balanced mind-body approach, and a structured but custom protocol are key to bringing your body into harmony.

Testing is important, yes, but so is how you feel. I value an educational format, teaching you how to read your body and symptoms, and then coaching you through new considerations to help you reach your goals. We explore the emotional contributing factors and utilize functional neurology techniques to keep that nervous system operating smoothly in every phase.

“She is such a great source of valuable information on many aspects of chronic disease. I discussed Lyme and gastrointestinal issues with her and came away with several pages of information related to my issues, ideas to implement, herbals to try and other things to consider. It is so helpful that she has been through so much of what I am going through. I also like that she incorporates all parts of our being…mind, body and soul.”

Lisa Cipkar

Integrative Health Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Expect to learn. Expect to grow. Expect to heal.
Recovery IS possible.