welcome to abundant life & wellness

an integrative health practice that opened in 2015, specializing in chronic symptoms + illnesses such as lyme disease, biotoxin illness, pediatric care, preconception and complex cases. Lisa is passionate about bio-individual approaches and meeting clients where they are. there is always hope!

i offer both comprehensive coaching packages and a consult model and encourage you to choose the support system that fits your needs best. not sure where to start? email us at alwoffice@lisacipkar.com and our office manager will help you get sorted out!

i believe

  • in total healing. It’s possible and it’s what we’ll help you work towards!
  • every person has bio-individual needs that are to be addressed first. No blanket protocols here.
  • supplements and testing shouldn’t be marked up for a profit.
  • practitioner/client relationships are important and communication is key to your success. I’m ready to be open, flexible and think outside of the box, if needed.
  • working at the pace you are comfortable with