current offerings:

the real rx:
foundations to healing chronic illness

If you’d like to work with me, this is how to get started. The foundations to healing are incredibly important. I share information on topics few are talking about- functional neurology, draining and binding, and more. Learn what pillars you need to have in place before embarking on any detox or costly treatment plan, as well as how your emotions and mindset are impacting how quickly you heal. After completing this course you can move into deeper work with me!


the audit

CASE AUDIT:: This is a great opportunity to pick my brain and get a comprehensive list of ideas and avenues to try in order to facilitate a better healing experience and produce the results you need. I’ll go over your entire health history, goals, past treatments and make a list of what needs to change so you can start feeling better again. Average consult time is 4-5 hours + a 90 minute phone call to go over my recommendations.

This is perfect for those who don’t feel like they need constant support and can move through a plan well on their own.


6 month intensive coaching package

  • One 60 minute appointment per month for a total of 6 hours one-on-one (a $3600 value!)
  • email and message support between sessions, Monday-Friday
  • research time for your case
  • an on-going written plan of action or protocol
  • up to 30% off supplements and labs that may apply to your case