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the real rx:
foundations to healing chronic illness

A year in the making, this course covers all the details on foundational healing from chronic illness. I share information on topics few are talking about- functional neurology, draining and binding, and more. Learn what pillars you need to have in place before embarking on any detox or costly treatment plan, as well as how your emotions and mindset are impacting how quickly you heal. This course has over 2 hours of teaching with several downloadable resources- all for less than a 1 hour consult with our team!

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making over your medicine cabinet

I recorded this class for a special group recently and wanted to share it with all of you. In this 40 minute class you’ll get tons of tips, recipes and strategies to slowly make over your medicine cabinet, pantry, bathroom and more to support boosting your entire family’s health during the cold/flu season. We keep it simple, holistically focused and budget friendly. The recipes are downloadable for your convenience as well!


the real rx:
to building your health coaching practice

Everything I’ve learned in 8 years of business that led to a thriving, solid, and sustainable health coaching practice. I included all of my secrets of being a practitioner here.